YCAN in a nutshell

Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) is a growing, dynamic and award-winning community group made up of people concerned about climate change.

We’ve gotten together because we realised that this is the best way to make a difference in our local communities and also get real action from our governments.

We are ordinary people who are busy with families, friends and work, but we put energy into YCAN because we know how important it is to push for collective responses to climate change.

Over the last year for example we have:

  • lobbied local, state and federal government
  • organised and been part of actions like 100% Renewables doorknocking and 350.org’sInternational Day of Climate Action’
  • set up stalls at events and festivals
  • given and hosted talks and presentations
  • run a successful media campaign with letters, opinion pieces and interviews published and broadcast in local and national press and radio.

Right now YCAN connects hundreds of people.  We all live in inner Melbourne, so that’s where we focus our attention, but while we act local, we also think global.

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YCAN members celebrating the launch of the 100% renewables campaign