• We have a general meeting once a month to make decisions and plan activities.

Communicating with our elected representatives

  • We organise petitions, write letters and submissions, and meet with our elected representatives.

Local council advocacy

  • We keep a close eye on the City of Yarra’s environmental policies and decisions and push them to make them better.

Talks and Forums

  • We organise talks and presentations from experts to keep us all informed about the latest climate science and technical and policy solutions to the climate crisis.

Yarra Community Solar

  • YCAN is very proud and excited to be working on a new community initiative…Yarra Community SolarWe want to create a medium-scale community-owned rooftop solar ‘power station’ in our local area. Find out more here.

Vote Climate

  • We run non-partisan Vote Climate campaigns in the lead up to state and federal elections to educate the public on the climate and energy policies of the different parties and to encourage people to consider the climate crisis when they vote.

Past Campaigns

  • Although it’s now a bit out of date, ‘Get the picture, Kev?’ shows you the feelings of over 500 members of the Yarra community about the Federal Government’s climate policy failures.
  • We expose the greenwash underneath the policies – like our Rebranding of Richard Wynne all of 2010.
  • We attend and help to build events which show our concern about climate change like the annual Walk against Warming.