About YCAN

In a nutshell

Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) is made up of people who want to see much stronger action on climate change. We are an independent community group based in the inner Melbourne suburbs of the City of Yarra.

YCAN is a growing, dynamic and award-winning community group made up of people concerned about climate change.

We all live in inner Melbourne, so that’s where we focus our attention, but while we act locally, we also think globally.

We are ordinary people who are busy with families, friends, work and study, but we put energy into YCAN because we know that taking action with terrific people lessens feelings of helplessness, and does achieve results!

Right now YCAN connects hundreds of people. Get in touch!

YCAN Annual Reports

2019 was a hectic year for YCAN and here is the Convenor’s Annual Report to prove it!
Read the 2019 YCAN Annual Report.

How we started

YCAN formed in 2007. In that first year we worked with Yarra Council on their zero emissions goal and ran stalls and letter-writing campaigns leading up to the Federal Election in November 2007.

We were dismayed by the lack of action from all levels of government in 2008, so in early 2009 we regrouped, drawing on the energy in the local community and the national grassroots climate movement. Since then our membership and profile in the Yarra community has grown.


We have a general meeting once a month to make decisions and plan activities.

Communicating with our elected representatives
We lobby local, state and federal government by organising petitions, writing letters and submissions, and meeting with our elected representatives.

Local council advocacy
We keep a close eye on the City of Yarra’s environmental policies and decisions. Our aim is to strengthen and support Council’s commitments to environmentally sustainable plans in all of its activities and services. We advocate for constructive practical action to reduce carbon emissions, increase active transport, decrease the number of cars on the road, and work towards 100% renewable energy neighbourhoods.

We’ve learned a lot about the process of local government. At this level of government we can make ourselves heard. We can advocate for strong sustainable practices and efficient energy usage. We can make a difference.

Monthly Newsletter
We produce a newsletter each month to inform members about what is happening in Yarra with regard to climate action and sustainability. We suggest ways that people can get involved, communicate their concerns and keep informed. Subscribe to the newsletter.

Talks and Forums
We organise talks by experts to keep us all informed about the latest climate science as well as technical and policy solutions to the climate crisis.

Do you live, work or study in the City of Yarra?
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To get involved and help make your local area more sustainable, contact us .


Yarra Sustainability Awards
2018: YCAN Convenor Kerry Echberg won the Local Hero Award in the Yarra Sustainability Awards.

2016: YCAN member Carole Wilkinson was highly commended in the Local Hero section of the Yarra Sustainability Awards.

2010: YCAN won the award for Community Action (Environment) in the inaugural Yarra Sustainability Awards.

Other Awards
2017: YCAN member Kerry Echberg was awarded a Certificate of Recognition in the Inspirational Women of Yarra Awards.

2016: YCAN member Carole Wilkinson was awarded a Certificate of Extraordinary Contribution for her work with YCAN in the Yarra Volunteer Awards.