Climate Emergency Forum

5 April 2019

It was great to see the Richmond Town Hall full of people who are concerned about the Climate Emergency. Karl Braganza from the Bureau of Meteorology explained the latest climate science, the rapid changes to our climate that have already happened (and their disastrous effects) , and the challenges ahead to avoid runaway climate change.  Fiona Armstrong from the Climate and Health Alliance, discussed the devastating health implications of climate change, what the health sector is doing and what we all can do.

YCAN was there, of course, and Kerry, our convenor, encouraged people to take action (by joining YCAN!) The mayor endorsed our actions and commitment. Let’s hope that the clear and shocking facts on climate change and its effects will persuade people to not only do whatever they can in their own lives, but also take that extra step of convincing government at all levels to act with urgency.