Andrews Government Extends Coal Licences

YCAN members where dismayed to learn earlier this month that the Andrews government has decided to extend the licences for Victoria’s two remaining coal-fired power generators. This will mean these polluting brown-coal generators will keep emitting greenhouse gases and endangering the health of workers and residents of nearby towns, not for years, but for decades – until 2051 for Yallourn and 2065 for Loy Yang. No limits to emissions were stipulated. So much for Premier Andrews target of net zero emissions by 2050!

Resources Minister Tim Pallas said this move would give “certainty” to the owners of the power stations, but did not mention the effect the decision would have on investment in renewable energy.

None of the environment groups has set up a petition with regard to this important issue. If you don’t agree with this decision, it is important to let the Victorian government know by writing to Premier Andrews Minister Pallas

Suggested points to make are:

  • Victoria need to urgently decrease its emissions.
  • This will not happen if dirty brown-coal generators continue to operate without annual limits being set.
  • If, as they claim, the extension is only to make sure the companies will have time to ensure rehabilitation of the mines can be properly carried out, then a licence to rehabilitate only is all that would have been required.
  • Minister Pallas says the extension will provide “greater certainty around investment” for the coal companies. What he doesn’t say is it has added to uncertainty about investment to crucial renewable energy infrastructure in Victoria.

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