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Ferguson “the fossil fool” faces protest

Members of community groups representing Martin Ferguson’s constituents rallied outside one of his speeches on Tuesday morning in response to the Labor Party’s endorsement of Uranium exports to India, and Minister Ferguson’s unwavering support of the fossil fuel industry and his lack of support for renewable energy.

“We are sick of having an energy minister and local member that rejects renewable energy and supports nuclear, coal, gas, oil and mining interests” Yarra Climate Action Now Convener Pablo Brait said.

“Minister Ferguson was instrumental in the Labor Party’s recent decision to allow Uranium exports to India. He has stacked the Energy White Paper Reference Group so that there isn’t one single wind or solar company or community group representative. He is encouraging the development of the gas hub which will destroy the Kimberley coast.”

“Labor party sources tell us that Martin Ferguson’s intransigence is the biggest barrier to the roll-out of renewable energy across Australia.” Mr Brait said.

“We are worried that Martin Ferguson’s next step will be to stack the board of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). We demand that 100% of the ARENA board members be from renewable energy companies, and that doesn’t include gas companies dressed up as renewable energy companies.” Mr Brait said.

Carol Ride, Convener of Darebin Climate Action Now said, “Our local member is trying to sabotage renewable energy and stands up for the interests of the coal and gas lobby. It’s what we would expect of a member of the Liberal party.”

“We can’t help but label Martin Ferguson a ‘fossil fool’ who is out of touch with his constituents and the future of our children and grandchildren,” Ms Ride concluded.