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We love Ontario!

In a world first, the Canadian province of Ontario has put in place a plan to reduce its coal usage by 40% by next year (on 2003 levels) and is hoping to phase out coal burning altogether by 2014.

Wind power is booming in this province of over 13 million people, which is also an electricity exporter to the USA.

Some turbines will be closed down, while others will have their coal fuel replaced with natural gas and renewable biomass. While this isn’t a transition to 100% renewable energy, it is certainly a step in the right direction and will be the single biggest reduction in Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions in its history.

If Ontario can do it, then Victoria, with our plentiful sun, wind and educated workforce can do it too.

Are you listening John Brumby? These are the kind of short term targets and action that we desperately need to avoid runaway climate change.

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