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Wind farm proposal dropped

From the Age today:

Wind farm proposal dropped

“Energy giant AGL has formally dumped a controversial $140 million wind farm in South Gippsland.The company originally put the 48-turbine Dollar wind farm on hold last October and yesterday confirmed it was pulling out altogether. AGL said the project was less financially attractive than others under consideration.
The project would have contributed 79 megawatts to the State Government’s target of ten per cent renewable energy by 2016.
The decision was purely a business one, AGL said.”

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Will decisions ever be made for environmental or social reasons instead?

News from G8

From GRIST news

A Jury Of Your Pyrrhus
G8 climate deal is failure or triumph, depending whom you ask

Thursday last week the G8 agreed to a climate deal it’s been fine-tuning for weeks.
It notably did not commit to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s goal of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions 50 percent by 2050, but it did say countries would “consider seriously” adopting such a goal. Thanks, George! The agreement also endorses Bush’s plan to bring developing countries to the negotiating table, but confirms that the U.N. is the best place to work out future climate treaties.
Many observers were outraged that the U.S. had once again purple-nurpled the world, but others tried to look on the bright side. “While Europe has been itching on the starting blocks for the past decade, Bush has been sulking in the changing room,” said one European policy adviser. “At least he is now on the track.” Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, chief climate adviser to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, offered this take: “The United States is now on a bandwagon they cannot stop.”

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PM defers setting carbon target

Far from the desired target of ‘zero emissions now’, the PM has again taken a less than proactive role in the fight against climate change.

John Howard says Australia will set a carbon emissions target next year.

Speaking at the Liberal Party’s Federal Council today, Mr Howard laid out the Government’s policy to tackle climate change.He has given the Government until 2012 to introduce a carbon emissions trading scheme, which would be national in scope and “as comprehensive as practicable”.

He also worryingly repeated his belief that nuclear energy had an important role to play in Australia’s response to climate change.

For the full article see today’s Age here.