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Melbourne By-election Scorecard Released


The influential Vote Climate candidate analysis has been released for the Melbourne by-election. Put together by local community groups, Vote Climate ranks and analyses the global warming policies of candidates via a questionnaire and independent research.

“Our aim is to sort the wheat from the chaff and provide the voting public with information”, Pablo Brait, Yarra Climate Action Now Convener and Vote Climate volunteer said. “As the climate crisis is the most important issue Victorians face, we encourage all voters to choose their preferences based on climate policy”.

The top rated candidate is independent Adrian Whitehead, who is running on a climate action platform. Second best candidate is Cathy Oke from the Greens.

“Our scorecard will now be letterboxed across thousands of homes in the seat of Melbourne, and our website is available for everyone to look at.” Mr Brait said.

“Ted Baillieu’s Government is ignoring the climate crisis and pushing for huge increases in coal and gas mining across the state. His Government has destroyed jobs in the wind and solar energy industries. We urge voters to send him a message by voting for the candidates most committed to climate action”, Mr Brait concluded.

For further comment contact Pablo Brait 0421 011 182 

More information and analysis of all candidates here

update from COAG

Unsurprisingly news from COAG (in this morning’s Age)

Premiers, PM fail to agree on climate
Mr Howard rejected a proposal by the states to set up a national carbon emissions trading scheme by 2010, with a target of cutting emissions to 60 per cent of 2000 levels by 2050.

Despite the impasse, Prime Minister John Howard described the meeting as “successful”, but that view was in sharp contrast to that of Victoria’s Premier Steve Bracks. “It could have been a great day, but it wasn’t,” Mr Bracks said at a news conference after the meeting had concluded. Mr Bracks said the meeting had achieved “about 8.1 of the 10-point plan” for national reform. “Today was a good day but not a great day in terms of the opportunities to put in place a national carbon-trading scheme.”

Closer to home….

again in the Age today
Business counters PM to back emissions targets
“AUSTRALIA’S top companies say the country must set concrete targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years as the centrepiece of policies to combat climate change.”
This is in response to Howard’s recent attack on emissions targets as proposed by opposition leader Kevin Rudd. (60% by 2050) Howard continually opposes such targets saying they will damage the economy but clearly acceptance by the business community for the necessity of targets is a step towards possibly changing that stance.