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No new coal: Let’s bury HRL once and for all

Copyright: Michael Bainbridge

On the eve of the Federal Government decision that could make or break HRL, the proposed new coal-fired power station for Victoria, it’s up to us to convince the politicians that in 2012, new coal-fired power stations are a dud investment.

In 2007, the Howard Government awarded HRL a grant of $100 million. But 5 years later, HRL have failed to meet the conditions of the grant and no money has changed hands – yet. Now this funding is under review.

JOIN US at 12:30pm Wednesday 1 February at Parliament House, Spring St, Melbourne, to tell the Prime Minister and Premier:

Say NO to funding this polluting new coal-fired power station, and YES to clean renewable energy.

Speakers include Mr. Kelvin Thomson, ALP Member for Wills and Mr. Adam Bandt, Greens Member for Melbourne.

With you at the rally, MPs from across party lines supporting us, and over 12,000 of your hand written signatures on our petition, we can show the federal and state governments that HRL is a dud investment.

Together we can convince the Gillard Government to withdraw their $100 million, and put it into renewable energy instead.

But we need you to join us!

Please, make sure you’re with us on the 1st February.

For more info:

facebook event

Battles against fossil fuel developments heat up in Victoria

There are a number of key battles being fought in Victoria right now against fossil fuel development. I have briefly outlined them below and provided links to further information. Please consider helping out in one or some of these campaigns. Allowing further development of fossil fuels considering the climate crisis we face is insanity and they cannot be allowed to go ahead.


Coal Seam Gas

Coal seam gas has been in the news quite a lot lately, with a massive groundswell of opposition to its development arising in rural QLD and NSW, where the industry has already begun extraction of gas from prime agricultural land, mostly against the wishes of the land owner. Apart from producing a highly greenhouse gas emitting fuel, coal seam gas extraction is dangerous and dirty – it pollutes groundwater, air and land in some of Australia’s most productive food growing areas. One company (Dart Energy) is even trying to drill for gas in the middle of Sydney!

Here in Victoria we don’t yet have a coal seam gas industry but there are exploration licenses covering huge areas of the state, from Gippsland out to the west. It’s only a matter of time before projects start to happen – so the industry needs to be stopped before it can do irreparable damage to our climate, air, land and water.

To find out more about coal seam gas, come along to hear Drew Hutton from Lock the Gate Alliance in QLD speak on Friday 7 October, 7.30pm, New Council Chambers at Trades Hall, cnr Lygon & Victoria Streets, Carlton.  Drew is an excellent speaker not to be missed. For more information on this even click here.

And please sign the petition to ban coal seam gas extraction in Victoria.

For more information on coal seam gas see the Lock the Gate Alliance and Gasland.


Bacchus Marsh brown coal mine and export industry

Shaun from the Switch Off Coal collective stops drilling for brown coal at Bacchus Marsh, 19 Sep 2011

Brown coal is the dirtiest of all fossil fuels and currently cannot be exported because it spontaneously combusts. However, Mantle Mining, together with their financial backers Cygnet Capital want to start a brown coal export industry in Victoria, starting with a coal mine in Bacchus Marsh and then drying the coal to stabilise it before exporting to India. The locals in Bacchus Marsh, including the affected land owners, do not want a coal mine ruining their land, and we don’t want more of our precious farmland containing the market gardens that grow our veggies ruined while a new fossil fuel industry is created.

Not only that, but India’s energy system is currently at a crossroads. If they cannot get their hands on cheap coal, then they will start the shift to renewable energy. This project is a key part of keeping alive their coal addiction.

Take Action! Email Cygnet Capital and demand that they pull their financing from this projectdj@cygnetcapital.com.au


HRL – a new coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley

The HRL project has been on the cards for many years. It is a brown coal-fired power station that uses new technology to make it as polluting as a black coal-fired power station. It was approved by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) this year and both the State and Federal Governments have committed taxpayer money to the project.

However, the Federal Government has yet to release its $100 million and may yet be convinced to pull the plug. Without federal money it will not go ahead. A petition is currently being put together (hard copy signatures only). Download it from here and get signing!

Environment Victoria and Doctors for the Environment are also taking the EPA and HRL to court, questioning the legality of the environmental approval. The case will start on 24 October.

For more information see the video below and click here.



Anglesea Coal Mine

For decades now, Alcoa has operated a coal mine right near Anglesea in order to obtain coal to power its aluminium smelter. Alcoa is now looking to extend its mining lease for 50 years past the current 2016 expiry. This will mean expanding the mine. Anglesea Primary School is about 1km from the open cut coal mine, and no independent monitoring of air quality has been done to date. The Alcoa power station fed by the mine emits 1161% more particulate matter than all of Hazelwood Power Station.

The residents of Anglesea want clean air and we want Alcoa to develop renewable energy sources for its smelter. We call on the State Government not to renew Alcoa’s lease.

For more information and to sign the petition click here.

Stop the HRL new coal plant – rally 11 April

Did you know that the company HRL is planning to build a new coal-fired power station in Victoria?

The proposed new 600MW HRL ‘Dual Gas’ power station is likely to received works approval from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) sometime in the next few weeks. Despite relying on a mixture of synthetic gas (produced from coal) and natural gas, it nevertheless is still as dirty as a black coal-fired power station.

Public money is being used to fund this project, with the primary financiers currently being the federal government ($100m) and the state government ($50m).

Join us to protest against new coal power in Victoria:

Monday April 11th 9:30am 

Federation Square, Melbourne

Go to the Stop HRL website for more information and to sign up to action alerts.

YCAN opposes new coal-fired power station

The Brumby and Gillard Governments are supporting a new coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley, each promising $50 million and $100 million of taxpayer money to support it respectively. Building any new fossil fuel infrastructure is insanity when faced with the climate crisis it is causing, and the viable alternatives we have, like baseload solar. We put forward this short submission to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is currently considering whether to allow the new coal plant to go ahead.
Submission to the EPA – Dual Gas Demonstration Project
EPA Works Approval Application

Submission from Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN)
YCAN is a climate action group based in the inner-suburban City of Yarra. We write to voice our strong opposition to the proposed building of the HRL-Dual Gas power station.
The project is completely at odds with the stated intent of the Victorian government as outlined in a number of recent documents, including the Victorian Climate Change White Paper.
On a per capita basis, Victoria produces four times the world average amount of greenhouse gases per annum. The proposed power station will barely meet the Victorian governments limit of 0.8 tonne of CO2e per megawatt hour for new coal fired power plants — a limit which is lax by world standards as the average across the developed world is 0.45 tonne per megawatt hour. The 600MW plant will make it highly unlikely, if not impossible, for Victoria to meet the new 20% emissions reduction limit by the end of this decade.
Few jobs will be created during the construction process (an estimated 350 jobs), and the project will only create 40 ongoing jobs, very few when compared with the number of jobs that would be created from a similar sized renewable energy development.
Not only will this project be producing huge amounts of greenhouse gases, it will also be wasting our limited water resources, requiring around 2GL of water a year. The Latrobe River and Gippsland Lakes are already very stressed and in a deteriorating condition. It would be extremely unwise to allow further allocations of water for energy production.
In contrast, a similar-sized renewable energy development would produce no greenhouse gas emissions, consume a negligible amount of water and create more jobs.
YCAN strongly opposes this project and urges the EPA to refuse the application from HRL – Dual Gas.
Yours sincerely,
Yarra Climate Action Now

There will be a rally this Monday 18 October, 1pm at 1 Treasury Place off Spring St against the new coal proposal.
We also hope to see everyone at the rally to replace ALL of Hazelwood power station on November 6, 1pm, State Library, corner Swanston and Latrobe streets, City.