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Knock, knock Fergo…Let’s talk about Big Solar

Let’s make Martin Ferguson pay some Big Attention to Big Solar

Big Solar Poll Door-knocking – Sat March 31 and Sat April 14, 2012

RSVP to taegen -at- ycan.org.au

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?

Martin Ferguson

Martin Ferguson who?

Oh, I used to be Minister for Energy but I got kicked out because I kept making excuses for my fossil fuel industry buddies instead of working to get Australia powered by large-scale solar…

What’s this about?

Do you think Martin Ferguson is doing enough to get renewable energy built in Australia? Would you rather he concentrated on building baseload solar power plants rather than defending coal and salivating over gas and uranium?

We would. But we are just crazy, CIA-funded greenies.

So, we need to know what the rest of his electorate thinks…

Unlike Fergo, we don’t need to buy the services of spies to find out. We thought we’d just go out and talk to our neighbours. We’re going to Clifton Hill, which has recently become part of his Batman electorate. We’re also going to Preston and Reservoir, to talk to his most loyal voters.

We’d love you to come along and help us have some interesting conversations about solar power and Martin Ferguson with the people he cares about second-most.*


When and where is the door-knocking happening?
Saturday March 31, 1pm – 4pm (CLIFTON HILL)
Meeting spot: Community Church of St Marks Hall, 100 Hodgkinson St, Clifton Hill.  See MAP.
Saturday April 14, 1pm – 4pm (PRESTON/RESERVOIR)
Meeting spot: 19 Murphy Grove (Nb. not Murphy Street), Preston. See MAP.


What will we be doing?

1 – 1.45pm         Briefing on the Big Solar Poll, doorknocking training and Q&A
1.45 – 2pm         Allocate maps and head with partner to doorknocking locations
2 – 4pm             Collect Big Solar Poll responses in your allocated area
4pm – later         Debrief at the closest decent pub (tbc)

What should you bring?

Water, sunscreen/umbrella (as appropriate), come on a bike if convenient…

To let us know you are coming along RSVP to taegen -at- ycan.org.au


Who is running this?

These Big Solar Poll door-knocking activities are being organised by Yarra Climate Action Now and Darebin Climate Action Now. We are 2 local climate action groups made up of volunteers who live and work in Martin Ferguson’s seat of Batman.

The Big Solar campaign is bigger than just us. Coordinated by the team at 100% Renewables, it is a campaign that is being brought to life by over 50 community groups all across Australia. Together we will speak to thousands of Australians from all walks of life about solar power and the possibility large-scale, baseload solar power presents as a replacement for coal and a much better energy solution for Australia than gas.

Anyone interested in talking to their fellow community members about Big Solar and hearing what they think about Martin Ferguson’s efforts on solar to date is most welcome to join us.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Please let us know if you are coming along. RSVP to taegen -at- ycan.org.au

Queries? Call Taegen on 0438 787 026 or Jane on 0419 870 507

*People he cares about first-most should be obvious. If you need a hint, check out Minister Ferguson’s draft Energy White Paper.

Doorknocking for 100% renewable energy

The doorknockers get ready to hit the streets

Around forty people spent last Saturday afternoon doorknocking in Clifton Hill and North Fitzroy as part of the 100% Renewables campaign. Doorknocking happened in around 40 neighbourhoods and towns all over Australia capping off a few months of action, where ordinary people knocked on the doors of their neighbours and gathered 20,000 conversations about renewable energy.

Yarra Climate Action Now and Darebin Climate Action Now collected over 500 surveys, or ‘conversations’, in the inner-north of Melbourne, covering the federal seats of Melbourne and Batman. We found overwhelming support for a transition to 100% renewable energy, not only for climate reasons but also because renewable energy creates jobs and will reduce the price of electricity. While a carbon price was supported, it was clear that additional measures like a large scale feed-in tariff are urgently needed to build more wind and solar thermal energy plants.

Well done to the many doorknockers and thanks to the local residents who spoke to us. Your voices will be heard in Federal Parliament at the end of June, when independent Rob Oakeshott tables the 20,000 surveys. We will also deliver the results for each electorate to the individual political representatives, and full results will be posted on this website when they are available.

Knock, knock, knocking on Clifton Hill’s door

YCAN will be knocking on doors, surveying Clifton Hill residents on their attitudes to renewable energy on Saturday 28 May for 2 hours.  This event is part of the national 100% renewable energy campaign, which is aiming to collect 20,000 surveys across Australia to be tabled in Parliament by Independent Rob Oakeshott in June.

We need lots of people to help reach our target of 500 surveys. Training and materials will be provided. Sign up online or contact us for further information.

Knocking the suburbs

Last weekend volunteers from Yarra Climate Action Now doorknocked over 1000 homes in Collingwood and Fitzroy for the Replace Hazelwood campaign. We gathered hundreds of signatures for our petition and spoke to people about the urgent need to replace Australia’s dirtiest coal-fired power station with clean renewable energy. We got a great response from the community.

While many first-time doorknockers were nervous at the beginning, with one hour of training and practice, over 20 people hit the streets and had a good time doing it!

First time doorknocker Phil said:

“Thanks for the chance to participate. It was a great learning experience.

“Oddly, I was pretty nervous right at the start. I was worried about how to do the opening pitch when the door was first opened. I went with my partner and watched her as she did a few houses and that helped a lot.

“Following that, and after doing about 3 pitches myself I got over my nerves and started to really get into the flow. I then found it really enjoyable, in fact it really fired me up!”

Some of the YCAN volunteers doing the doorknocking training

Our next doorknocking session is Sunday 4 July in Richmond, 1-4pm (one hour training, two hours doorknocking), meeting at Melbourne Girls College, Yarra blvd, Richmond.

We need your help! Sign up now here.