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Moving Planet, 175 Countries, 24 September 2011

For more photos see http://www.moving-planet.org

Melbourne: the beautiful human sign from the air!
Melbourne: Simon from YCAN surveys the crowd as we get the human sign ready.
Melbourne: Getting into position for the human sign.


DR Congo
The Philippines
San Francisco, USA


Be part of the international day of climate action on 24 September


This is an invitation to help move the planet. On the 24th of September we are teaming up with organisers all across the globe to organise a day of action called Moving Planet: a day to move beyond fossil fuels.

We need you to help make this day historic — a day where we succeed in mobilising an unprecedented wave of people calling for a shift in our energy systems to cleaner, safer sources and for real action on the climate crisis — at scale that science and justice demand.

In Melbourne we will be creating a giant human sign at Waterfront City in the Docklands from 2-4pm.

Join us!

Some of the same people who filled Tahrir Square for the Egyptian revolution are leading up the organising efforts in Cairo. In Afghanistan, a 14 year old boy is organizing his community to get involved. Thousands of farmers and villagers are mobilising in rural Andhra Pradesh, India calling for clean, sustainable development, not the new coal plants that corporations want to impose there. In Chicago, USA, organisers are moving forward on a ‘Roll Against Coal’ bike march past Chicago’s dirtiest coal plants, to move their city to a clean energy future. You can be a part of this. Right here.

In Melbourne we are forming a giant human sign for a transition to 100% renewable energy! To have the greatest impact possible we need you. Seriously. Please join us, and ask everyone you know here at home or anywhere in the world to get involved.

Come in yellow, and if you want to be really creative organise your own sustainable transport in with a group of friends/colleagues/family on bike/skates/boat/tricycle/foot or anything else you can think of.

To sign up click here

PS.  On Facebook? Click here to join our event and spread the word.

350 day goes off

Over 100 people had their photo taken on Saturday outside Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station, sending a message to Kevin Rudd that we want science based climate change policies, not trade-offs to the big polluters and vested interests, which is an accurate description of his current climate change policy proposals.

This was part of the world’s biggest day of climate action ever (so far!) for 350.org day. In Melbourne around 60 actions took place, including a mass bike ride and several concerts and gigs.

A great time was had by all!!!

Attached is a taste of the photos we took. More are available via our flickr site. Down the bottom of this post is a great video that summarises the day.

Photo above by Rodney Dekker – www.rodneydekker.com