Volunteer Roles

In order to be effective campaigners, YCAN relies on a small group of core volunteers to strategise, coordinate and manage the day-to-day affairs of our organisation. But there are a couple of roles that would help us be even more effective if filled. Do you have any skills that could help us out? Or do you know someone else who’d be willing to volunteer some time with us? If you think that you can help with any of these roles, please contact us at info@ycan.org.au

Minutes Secretary

If you’d like to do something to stop climate change, but you’re not the get-out-on-the-streets sort of campaigner, this is the job for you! Taking minutes of our meetings, so everyone knows what they have to do is essential. Currently, we take it in turns, but it would be great to have some one to focus on this all important task.

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday every month in North Carlton. If your interested contact Carole on carole@ycan.org.au