Smart Blocks Event for Yarra

Our friends at Yarra Energy Foundation have given us a heads up about an interesting Smart Blocks event:

From data via the City of Yarra website we know 26.2% live in high density. So this event is highly relevant for many people in Yarra.

Briefly, Smart Blocks provides a collection of helpful tools that help you figure out which of your strata’s common areas are best to deal with first, and how. Its brought to you in a series of workshops that help you clarify commercial and technical context of the right changes, and gets down to practical steps to navigate your way to efficiency.

The Yarra event is on 2nd OctoberSmithSt.

Smart Blocks was developed in partnership between Strata Community Australia, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne, Owners Corporation Network of Australia and Green Strata, and has received funding from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program.