Are You OK?

We have just had RUOK Day , so it seems a reasonable time to ask. Are you OK?

The Federal election has changed the landscape of Australian politics and elections are always a good time to take stock of what the future holds and what we need to do.

What we face

It would not be stretching the truth to say that the incoming Abbott government will be backing coal mining, views environmental protection as “Green tape” and has a climate change policy that many reasonable people have concluded will not achieve even the modest 5% target set. All the while, Abbott wants to build roads even though the public consistently are polled as wanting public transport.

How do you feel?

So you knew the election result was on the cards, from all the media commentary on the the polls but now you have to deal with the changed politics (we all do). So some people are feeling a bit shell shocked and others are a bit cranky because the big issues, like are we going to trash the world and how do we transition our economy to the low carbon one – action the science screams for – did not get traction in the election.

What to do?

Now is the time for action. Join with others of like mind, support each other, work together, protect the values you believe in and the world we live in. We can together make a difference! History is ripe with examples. Women did not just get handed the vote, they campaigned for it until they got it! rally 12 march 2011

If you live, work or love Yarra, you are welcome to take action with YCAN, half our name is “Action Now” and we have a strong long record of doing exactly that, “Action Now”.

We will work with you, help you feel empowered and make your voice heard.

After all, action is the best cure for feeling powerless.

For information about YCAN email:

or call Ian Mack on 0422 952-554