Photo Opportunity

SOLAR Photo Day

PV in Yarra

Quick update on Yarra Community Solar.

We have a team of excellent people squirreling away at developing the project.

And like that swan you see gracefully swimming, we are serenely gliding along.                                        Meanwhile under the waterline there is a mass of activity as we paddle this project along.

One of the many things being working on is the Yarra Community Solar (YSC) website as a standalone site for the project.

As you all know YCS is a project of Yarra Climate Action Now, which is intended to fly solo when it is grown up.

Hence the need for a photo or two. Come for the photo, stay for a chat.


WHERE: Fitzroy Bowls Club, Edinburgh Gardens. (Gather together for a chat and ale)

DATE: Sunday 18 August (After the Farmers Against Fracking in City Square)

TIME: 3PM (Bowls club) 4pm PHOTO IN Edinburgh Gardens.

All Welcome – Bring your family!

PS Hardhats optional