Trains Not Tolls – Campaign In Action

trains not tolls petition

YCAN, in conjunction with the City of Yarra, is rallying against the State Government’s proposed East-West Tunnel.

At a cost of several billion dollars, this poorly conceived project will add to the growing congestion around Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs and will put a missive hole in the state infrastructure budget. Essential public transport upgrades and services will be shelved for decades as a result, meaning Melbournians are again forced to use their cars to commute. Of course as we all know, more cars means more pollution, and more pollution means we continue to head full speed towards climate change. It’s time our government started thinking long term about sensible transport solutions that actually ease congestions and at the same time help to transition our economy away from fossil fuels.

Fortunately, a strong campaign has been mounted against the tunnel spearheaded by a small group of community organisations and activists including YCAN, YCAT and our very own City of Yarra Council. The council has just released a petition to state parliament urging Premier Napthine to drop his toll-road plans. You can sign it here. A major launch for this campaign is taking place on Thursday 13th June at the Fitzroy Town Hall (see link below). Also, a bunch of other activities are planned in and around that event so if you are interested in getting involved, please contact us here at YCAN.

Look forward to seeing you at the launch or at a stall sometime soon!

Public Launch Trains Not Tollroads Poster