MEDIA RELEASE: Gillard Government caves in to polluters again

The Gillard Government’s failure in the contracts for closure negotiations represents yet another capitulation to the fossil fuel lobby and an abandonment of the Clean Energy Future policy package.

While the Arctic sea ice smashes its previous melt record and the world is on the verge of irreversible climatic tipping points, Julia Gillard is allowing Australia’s most polluting power stations to stay open, and paying them to do so.

“It is in the interest of all Australians that these coal plants be shut down. If they will not negotiate then the Government must force them to close without any ‘compensation’”, Pablo Brait, Convenor of Yarra Climate Action Now said.

“It is obscene that these same polluters will receive $5 billion from the carbon tax to stay open. The Government should not be letting them get away with it”, Mr Brait said.

“No polluters should ever get compensation for climate policy initiatives. It is the fossil fuel companies that should be compensating the public for their contribution to global warming and their lobbying against any significant action to stop it”, Mr Brait concluded.

For further comment/information contact Pablo Brait, 0421 011 182