Triumph Under Threat!

The City of Yarra’s world leading position is in danger of being lost. In spite of all the good work done so far, the clear need for the role, and the desire for the role by the community, the Council hasn’t included funding for the Urban Agriculture Facilitator in the 2012/13 budget.

The Council introduced the role on the advice of the Community Garden Advisory Committee, itself set up as result of clear community demand for gardening opportunities in the community space. At the time of writing, submissions could still be made (to by Monday 7th May), and hopefully enough went in to convince the Council that the community demand is still there.

If it is after 7th May, you could still leave a comment below, and we’ll pass them on to the councillors.

The current Urban Agriculture Facilitator giving community advice at a compost workshop, jointly organised by YCAN and Cultivating Community. After his half an hour presentation, at least six more people (over a fifth of the number there) were inspired to start the urban agriculture permit application process.