Feeling like a Fashion Yesterday?

YCAN to the rescue!

Our designer T-shirt with our gorgeous logo will make you at least 27% more attractive and 17% more intelligent. They are worn by the 00.01% who are closest to enlightenment and make you 56% more likely to spot spurious statistics.*

That’s more than 100%!

Our double-sided printing means you can turn your back on climate deniers and they will still get the message!

Suitable for all ages and available in both Melbourne colours, YES that’s right both Latte and Black.


Sizes from S to XL available

To avoid tears, Do Not Delay as stocks are limited.

Buy one for someone you love, so they know you care!

All of this for just $25 plus postage (or come to a YCAN meeting to collect and the postage will be waived)

To order send us an email: info -at- ycan.org.au

* Our statistics for these t-shirts are more reliable than Monckton’s nor will we threaten to sue you if you say they are crap 🙂