F for Ferguson: protest the fossil fool

Stand up for renewable energy!

“Energy Minister” Martin Ferguson is the fossil fuel industry’s man in the Labor Party. He stands up for coal, oil, gas and Uranium interests, while doing his best to slow the roll-out of clean and cheap renewable energy technologies.

He’s not an energy minister, he’s the minister for maximising fossil fuel company profits.
He’s not an energy minister, he’s the minister for maintaining the dirty and unsustainable status quo.

For example, he has stacked the Energy White Paper reference group with fossil fuel industry representatives, and not one solar or wind company or community group. We are sick of this bias. We want a real energy minister that will take us on the path to 100% renewable energy. A path that will mean clean air, clean water, productive farmland, good jobs and a safe climate. (For further information on how Ferguson is stacking the White Paper process with fossil fools click here)

Come and join us early on the morning of Tuesday 13 December to help us form a welcoming party for Minister Ferguson before he addresses the Committee for Economic Development of Australia.

When: 6.45-7.30am, Tuesday 13 December
Where: Hilton on the Park, 192 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne

Bring your banners!

Organised by Martin Ferguson’s constituents in Darebin Climate Action Now and Yarra Climate Action Now.