Survey results: 90% want a plan for 100% renewable energy

While the Australia-wide results of the renewable energy surveying carried out by local community groups as part of the 100% campaign are still being tallied, YCAN is pleased to be able to report back on the results from inner-Melbourne, which show massive support for renewable energy investment.

The pie charts below summarise the responses from about 490 people, mainly based in Clifton Hill, North Fitzroy and surrounding suburbs. The seven question survey was done through doorknocking and street stalls. It was found that 89% of people thought the government was not doing enough to support the development of renewable energy. 97% wanted strong government policy mechanisms for renewable energy and 90% wanted a plan for an Australian economy run on the now technically feasible goal of 100% renewable energy. 83% supported a price on pollution.

These are truly remarkable results, which show that when people are informed about the climate and energy crises, they overwhelmingly support the renewable energy solutions to solve them.

The full results from the inner-north of Melbourne are available by contacting us.