Deckchair Democracy – every day in May

During May LIVE (Locals into Victoria’s Environment) is hosting a grandparent-led, month long vigil on the steps of the Victorian Parliament House. They’ll be there, from 11 am to 3 pm, every day in May, including weekends. Each day there will be a speaker at 1 pm. Pablo Brait, YCAN convenor will be speaking there on Tuesday 10 May.

Sue Plowright, one of the key organisers of the Deckchair Democracy action, had the following to say:

I became a grandparent for the first time on 1 April 2011. I fell in love the instant I finally saw a little bright eyed round face staring up at me from inside a firmly swaddled bundle of blankets.

Little Sammy’s impending arrival had made me think all the more about the critical need to do something about climate change. Meeting him and holding his precious little hands have made the future very real, very close and very scary. Here is a little person just come into the world who will be nine in 2020, 19 in 2030 and 29 in 2040. I will be 80 by then and still going strong! But what will the state of the climate be?

I have to believe that we as a species will have done something extraordinary and amazingly fixed up the incredible mess we’ve made. Sitting on the steps of Parliament House doesn’t feel like doing enough, but I am privileged to have the time, some unexpected income and sitting is not all that hard to do!

I treasure the privilege of living in a democracy and want to utilize every democratic opportunity possible. I ran as a candidate for the Greens in 2008 and 2010 and have been an active member of local environment groups in the Merimbula and Upway areas as well as a parent advocate in many education settings.

Small groups and ordinary citizens can and do change the world. This action is a humble attempt on my part, for Sammy, and all the children around the world.

So get down to Parliament House, on Spring Street in Melbourne to join LIVE on the deckchairs, to hear some of the fantastic speakers and lend your support to this inspiring action. Check out the website for a whole range of things you can do and videos of the participants.