AMWU supports 100% renewable energy

The Western Australian branch of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has passed a motion supporting 100% renewable energy at its recent conference.

The call for renewable energy was included as part of a motion against the nuclear industry. A section of the motion is below.

It’s great to see the union movement getting behind sensible energy policies.

“[the] Conference notes and supports the union policy on uranium mining, however until now very little has been done to implement this policy while the pro-uranium lobby continues to roll on and, in fact, is becoming more confident as they hitch their bandwagon to climate change. They argue that nuclear energy is necessary as part of the energy mix, which is not correct. The delay in the uptake of renewable energy is historically due to the fact that the fossil fuel lobby has been able to dominate energy.

“A “business as usual” model will not address the urgency of climate change. 100% renewable energy by 2020 is achievable. It is also necessary to combat climate change in such a manner as to negate the pro-uranium lobby. The demand for 100% renewable energy by 2020 is an international campaign that we need to not only support but be prepared to take action in support of, thereby attaining a nuclear-free future.”