Environment Victoria shows the way.

Are You In? from Environment Victoria on Vimeo.

Environment Victoria are moving to a position of political activism in this year of climatically critical State and Federal elections. This solid responsible environmental NGO known for its careful policy recommendations is pushing to mobilize all Victorians – 5 million people to become actively involved in safeguarding our environment. It’s about each one of us taking actions to help the environment in our own special way. Actions that are meaningful to us as individuals—and remarkably powerful when they are multiplied by 5 million. A number of campaigns are specified on the Environment Victoria website any or all of which deserve the endorsement of YCAN’s supporters. YCAN endorses and is directly involved with other climate change and environment groups in the Replace Hazelwood campaign. It’s now or never. We either do what we can now to promote the necessary changes to stabilize and reduce greenhouse gas emissions or become complicit in the extreme degradation-of, perhaps the destruction of our collective future. Go to the EV website, sign up as a backer and get as many of your friends and family as possible to do the same.