Zero Emissions Electricity by 2020 – possible and affordable

Climate solutions research group Beyond Zero Emissions has just released a preview executive summary to their Zero Carbon Australia 2020 electricity (Stationary Energy) plan.

The Zero Carbon Australia 2020 (ZCA2020) Stationary Energy Plan is a detailed, costed blueprint demonstrating how Australia can reach zero emissions electricity by 2020 using proven, existing, commercialised technology.

The report concludes that there are no technological impediments to transforming Australia’s stationary energy sector to zero emissions over the next ten years. The costs of transformation are adequately offset by savings made from shifting away from the business as usual scenario.

No resource constraints have been identified. With adequate societal and political commitment and regulatory support, the goal of an efficient and competitive zero-emissions stationary energy sector is well within Australia’s reach.

Have a read of the 6 page executive summary and be inspired. Let’s get on with it!