The climate crisis and human health

What is the greatest global health threat of this century?
Is it heart disease? Malaria? Cancer? Nup… you guessed it: the cumulative impacts of climate change will threaten human health more than any of these. And don’t just take our word for it. Perhaps the most highly respected medical journal in the world The Lancet introduced its comprehensive assessment of the management of human health impacts of climate change with this very statement.

You know things are serious when one of the most notoriously conservative medical journals in the world argues strongly for a new global public advocacy movement. We’ll take that as the top doctors and health academics in the world giving the big tick to joining the climate movement and calling on governments to stop stuffing around and get serious about the ultimate in preventative medicine for the planet and all of us – avoiding runaway climate change.

See this Australian Medical Students Association’s youtube clip for the key messages on climate and health impacts:

Look up The Lancet and University College London’s report for the full diagnosis.