iCoal 2.0

The Australian Coal Association has launched a campaign in regional marginal seats, telling voters that acting on climate change (in the form of the Rudd Government’s Carbon Polluters Rewards Scheme – CPRS) will cost jobs. There are a couple of factual errors here:

1. Acting on the climate crisis will create many more jobs than it will cost. Renewable energy is more labour intensive than coal power and the government investment needed will greatly boost the economy.

2. The CPRS isn’t really going to do anything to reduce Australia’s emissions, it is designed to give the appearance of action without actually shifting us from business as usual. The coal industry couldn’t have hoped for a better deal.

And of course, it goes without saying that the Australian Coal Association couldn’t care less about “jobs”, what they mean of course is “profits”. The coal industry has been responsible for thousands of jobs losses over the last 15 years in the Latrobe Valley here in Victoria.

So we need to fight back! Help get this add on TV to counter the lies from the coal lobby.