YCAN’s selection for a winter’s night in

When the weather turns cold there’s nothing like snuggling up on the couch to watch some DVDs. So as part of our service to you, dear reader, here are some of our favourite videos doing the rounds at the moment.

Wake Up, Freak Out, Get a Grip

This brilliantly animated video is the best explanation we’ve seen of the climate science concept of tipping points and positive feedback loops. Essential viewing.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week
This video series systematically demolishes all the common climate change denier myths. Great for getting your confidence up in discussing climate change.

A Time Comes: the story of the Kingsnorth Six
This inspirational 20 minute documentary on the Kingsnorth Six looks at a group of people who too peaceful direct action against a coal fired power station in the UK, and were then acquitted of all charges using the “lawful excuse” defence. They successfully argued that by damaging a coal-fired power station they were preventing greater damage from occurring.

Climate Code Red Talks
Watch presentations given by Melbourne based David Spratt and Matthew Wright, experts in climate science and renewable energy respectively, on the climate crises and the solutions available.
Part 1

350.org Videos
These short videos from 350.org communicate the climate problem and the October 24 international day of action. Great to pass on to others.
Video 1
Video 2

The Great Disruption
Technically not a video, this radio program features Paul Gilding discussing the physical and biological limits to our current economic model. Excellent for understanding the bigger picture.