YCAN!’s Idiot of the Month

YCAN!’s inaugural Idiot of the Month award goes to…(drum roll please)… Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi from South Australia, for posting the following comments in a blog last week:

“I remain unconvinced about the need for an ETS [emissions trading scheme] given that carbon dioxide is vital for life on earth, the earth hasn’t warmed since 1998 and many of the predictions made by climate change alarmists — including Al Gore and Tim Flannery — have been demonstrably false.”

Unfortunately, Senator Bernardi doesn’t provide any details on the predictions he says are false. The claim that global warming stopped in 1998 is a classic cherry pick that climate change deniers use. Click here for a detailed response to this claim and the graph below says it all really. The Garnaut Review also examined this claim by asking statisticians to review global temperature data and ascertain if the warming trend stopped in 1998. They concluded that it hadn’t.

And finally the brilliance of the comment, “…carbon dioxide is vital for life on earth…”. This was the clincher. This comment cemented the judges’ decision to award Senator Bernardi the coveted prize. It displays such an acute lack of critical thought capacities as to render us at YCAN! almost speechless. By using Senator Bernardi’s insightful theory, we can hereby declare that all flood and bushfire prevention and recovery activities are a waste of time and money, as water and heat are vital for life on Earth.

Is Senator Bernardi unfit to represent the fine people of South Australia? We think so, and we hope the voters in SA will agree. In the meantime, we recommend that Malcolm Turnbull arrange some science classes for his colleagues.

Who will it be next month? Send your nominations to YarraCAN@gmail.com