Draft Yarra Environment Strategy: Towards Local Sustainability

Draft Yarra Environment Strategy: Towards Local Sustainability

Yarra’s draft Environment Strategy: Towards Local Sustainability is on public exhibition until 15 August 2008.

The strategy outlines objectives for 10 key action areas which are:

Community Engagement
Open Space and Urban Bushland
Greenhouse Emissions
Built Form
Air Quality

Council Planning and Operations.
The draft strategy includes a detailed action plan, which outlines tasks and projects to be undertaken over the next four years to transform Yarra into a vibrant, liveable and sustainable inner city municipality.

The action plan includes documented programs and targets to ensure that the Strategy is more than words – and is in fact a working document to be implemented by Council in partnership with the community.
You can have your say on the draft Strategy and Action Plan by:

Completing the feedback form, tearing along the perforated line, taping or stapling the form to make a reply paid envelope, and mailing it to Council by putting it in a letterbox (no stamp required)
Emailing your comments to the Coordinator of Council’s Environmental Sustainability Unit, Silvana Predebon at

Calling Silvana on 9205 5753 or mailing your comments to PO Box 168, Richmond VIC 3121