General Meeting 7th Nov

YCAN! Meeting:

Wednesday 7th November, 6:30pm
Kindness House
288 Brunswick St
**Please meet out the front by 6:25pm or call Shannon on 0417 301 694 if late.

I hope as many people as possible are able to make this meeting. With a very exciting federal election just 3 weeks away there is still much to do!!

We are working hard to raise awareness around climate change and the policies the political parties are committing to. If you haven’t already please take time to have a look at

This shows all the major political parties climate change policies at a glance.

We will also be planning our attendance at the Walk Against Warming, which is shaping up to be HUGE. If there is one event you should attend this year this is it! Come, be a part of sending the strong message to our leaders, that the people of this country want serious action on climate change.

Of course these topics are just a part of what will be discussed. So we hope to see you on the 7th November!