Eligible to vote?

Not strictly an environment issue, but it is important that everybody concerned about climate change votes in the upcoming Federal election.
Some recent changes made by the government may affect your eligibility to vote.
The changes made by the Howard Government have made it harder to enrol to vote and harder to update your details. These changes will come into force sometime in April. So if you’ve moved recently you may find it much harder to get your details updated. These changes will also affect you if you are not enrolled correctly, you’re a first time voter or if you’ve been enrolled but taken off the electoral roll.
Under the changes, those people enrolling or updating their details will need to meet the following proof of identity requirements: A driver’s license or if you don’t have a license, a prescribed identity document such as a passport; or alternatively You must get 2 witnesses, who are not related to you, who have known you for longer than 1 month and who can confirm their identity with a driver’s license (or a prescribed identity document).
Just as importantly, the electoral roll will close earlier, disadvantaging first time voters in particular. The roll will be closed 3 days from the time the election writs are issued to update your details – BUT – you’ll only have until 8pm on the day the writs are issued to enrol if you’ve been taken off the roll or enrolling for the first time. The new rules come into force in April so be quick and check your enrolment details at https://oevf.aec.gov.au/