YCAN makes submission at EW Link Hearing

Yesterday YCAN made a submission at the EW Link Hearing, expressing our total opposition to the toll road and calling for a public transport option.

RACV’s General Manager Public Policy was one of the other submitters. He said RACV supported the toll road, despite the fact that only 38% of RACV members are in favour of it. It seems that the Premier isn’t the only one who thinks that the tollroad construction doesn’t require a mandate.

Facilitative Leadership Skills Workshop

– Communicating and Collaborating for Sustainability -

Would you like to:

  • Design and lead meetings that bring out the best in people and reach trustworthy results?
  • Generate inclusive dialogue and deal with issues and conflicts creatively?
  • Apply flexible and practical tools that foster fresh thinking and commitment to sustainable action?

YCAN are excited to offer a three day comprehensive training workshop for those individuals daring to lead towards sustainability and eager to improve their practice to make things happen for positive change.

When: Saturday 5, Sunday 6 and Saturday 12 April 2014
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Holden Street Neighbourhood House, 128 Holden St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068 Price: $149 , $129 concession
Free copy of  Chris Rose’s “How to Win Campaigns: Communications for Change” (valued at $35.00) for the first ten bookings!
Restricted to 20 participants only so get in quick!

This workshop is a practical course tailored to your needs and interests. It builds on what you already know and do and prepares you for a leap in your capacities to bring people together for common action. It will help you to enable teams to act in tune with each other and better relate to many others not yet interested or active regarding sustainability.

The workshop offers:

  • Practical demonstration of principles and models by two experienced facilitators
  • Highly interactive and hands-on learning, building on your strengths and style
  • Guided practice and supportive feedback in small groups
  • Topics related to concerns regarding sustainability; the content will be coming from you
  • Guided practice and supportive feedback in small groups
  • A detailed clear manual to use throughout your career
  • A chance to plan how you will use what you have learned in your daily work
  • Many ideas and ongoing support for applying these methods in your situation

Workshop Schedule:

Saturday 5th April

Sunday 6th April

Saturday 12th April



O.R.I.D. Demo Conversation

What enables us to collaborate effectively?

Leading O.R.I.D. Conversations II

Workshop Practice 

in two groups with feedback
(Choice of Topics)

 Session I

Session II


on experience during the week

Participatory Action Planning

On a common Project

Reflection on the
Action Planning Method


O.R.I.D Method Reflection
and Exploration

Preparing Questions
for leading O.R.I.D
in two groups




Leading O.R.I.D. Conversations I

 in two groups with feedback

Consensus Workshop Demo
Issues we face in collaborating

Designing Conversations or Workshops

for Use in Future Work

Introduction to

Open Space Technology


World Café


Participatory Presentation on the Workshop Method

Practice Workshop
 (Individual or Pairs)

ORID Reflection on the Day

Introduction to the
 O.V.I.D.A. Planning Process

Q & A

Project Planning

Individual or Small Group

Questions, Applications and Next Steps

Workshop facilitators Richard and Maria Maguire have been facilitating groups, organisational change, conferences and community development for over thirty years. They have consulted widely and taught in the business, government and community sectors in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.  Both Richard and Maria are passionate about enabling participative decision –making and responsibility towards a sustainable future for all. Find out more about Richard and Maria Maguire’s great work at www.unfoldingfutures.net

For further information regarding the Facilitative Leadership Skills Workshop or to secure your position, please email Ian at ianmack@ycan.org.au

YCAN’s Facilitative Leadership Skills Workshop is proudly supported by City of Yarra and Bendigo Bank Community Bank.

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Public Transport Not Traffic – Friday Morning Coordinated Action


YCAN is proud to be part of Public Transport Not Traffic (PTNT), a strong new community campaign bringing together groups from across Melbourne: Frankston to Bentleigh; Werribee to Dandenong Ranges, to demand world-class public transport for all. Check out the new website, http://www.publictransportnottraffic.org/

PTNT is kicking off with a campaign launch this Friday 29 November, during morning peak hour, at train stations across Melbourne. YCAN will be leafleting commuters at Richmond and Clifton Hill stations to spread the word about a new online survey for Melbourne’s transport future. The survey and campaign launch are on our website, so please check it out: http://www.publictransportnottraffic.org/

Where: Richmond and Clifton Hill Stations.

When: Friday 29th Nov from 7.00am to 9am. 

If you have half an hour or more to spare give Mack a call on 0422 952-554 to join the roster and be part of this coordinated morning of action.

Solar Citizens invite YCAN to Canberra


Solar Citizens, an exciting new community project to unite solar interests across Australia, has invited YCAN’s Ian Mack to Canberra to lobby the federal government for better renewables policy.

Ian will travel to Canberra on December 1-2 with a team of Solar Citizens. He will meet with politicians on behalf of all Australia’s solar owners to share the success story of solar and ask them to do more to support solar power.

But he needs our help to get there.

Can you chip in a small amount? Donations will go towards covering Ian’s travel and accommodation costs.

For more info go to: Solar-Citizens-Mack


Lunchtime leafleting at the RACV


Fancy a little lunchtime leafleting?

Well come join us out the front of the RACV Shop Melbourne to hand out election scorecards.

YCAN takes democracy seriously, and what better way to exercise your democratic right than to vote in an election. But with only 7% of eligible members voting last year, the RACV clearly needs a hand getting the word out. So if you’re in the neighbourhood or committed to the cause, come help us spread the word – every vote counts, especially when there are two candidates who, if elected, will make sure that public transport is on the agenda of this powerful transport organisation. No previous experience required.

Where: out the front of RACV Shop Melbourne, 438 Little Collins Street Melbourne

When: 12noon-2pm every day this week (Mon 30th Sep – Fri 4th Oct)

To view the RACV election scorecard go to: RACVscorecard.com

Thanks for your support.

RACV Scorecard – Now Online

The RACV election is shaping up to be a referendum on how to deal with Melbourne’s congestion woes. Some candidates think public transport is the answer. Others want to build the East-West link. If you’re confused about who’s saying what, then head to RACVscorecard.com.

YCAN, on behalf of the Coalition of Climate Action Groups, has produced a handy little scorecard to help eligible RACV service or personal members make an informed decision in the upcoming election. Go to RACVscorecard.com to learn more about each candidate and then register your vote!

Transport decisions, like the East-West toll road, will have a major impact on Melbourne’s liveability and will affect our ability to tackle climate change. RACV has the power to influence these decisions and YOU have the power to influence the RACV.

All votes must be received before October 11th. So what are you waiting for! Go Vote.

Oh and if you happen to have misplaced your ballot paper don’t worry. RACV will mail another copy to you. Just ring 1300 737 880 and quote your RACV membership number.


RACV Members Unite! Defend Public Transport!

Your membership of RACV is being used by Premier Napthine to manufacture a mandate for building the toll road. BOO! HISS!

BUT there is an election on for the RACV Board right now.

DO NOT THROW OUT your Royal Auto!


DO NOT THROW OUT your Royal Auto!

You will be able to vote for Public transport!

YCAN is part of an action to see RACV Members can make an informed decision!

2013-09-19 15.33.35

DO NOT THROW OUT your Royal Auto!

There will be a Scorecard letting everyone know where the Candidates stand on supporting what their members actual want, within the next few days.

Tell your friends, family, workmates.

Save the Royal Auto from the bin & get ready to vote!

We will be sharing the scorecard with you shortly!

Are You OK?

We have just had RUOK Day , so it seems a reasonable time to ask. Are you OK?

The Federal election has changed the landscape of Australian politics and elections are always a good time to take stock of what the future holds and what we need to do.


It would not be stretching the truth to say that the incoming Abbott government will be backing coal mining, views environmental protection as “Green tape” and has a climate change policy that many reasonable people have concluded will not achieve even the modest 5% target set. All the while, Abbott wants to build roads even though the public consistently are polled as wanting public transport.


So you knew the election result was on the cards, from all the media commentary on the the polls but now you have to deal with the changed politics (we all do). So some people are feeling a bit shell shocked and others are a bit cranky because the big issues, like are we going to trash the world and how do we transition our economy to the low carbon one – action the science screams for – did not get traction in the election.


Now is the time for action. Join with others of like mind, support each other, work together, protect the values you believe in and the world we live in. We can together make a difference! History is ripe with examples. Women did not just get handed the vote, they campaigned for it until they got it! rally 12 march 2011

If you live, work or love Yarra, you are welcome to take action with YCAN, half our name is “Action Now” and we have a strong long record of doing exactly that, “Action Now”.

We will work with you, help you feel empowered and make your voice heard.

After all, action is the best cure for feeling powerless.

For information about YCAN email: info@ycan.org.au

or call Ian Mack on 0422 952-554

Smart Blocks Event for Yarra

Our friends at Yarra Energy Foundation have given us a heads up about an interesting Smart Blocks event:


From data via the City of Yarra website we know 26.2% live in high density. So this event is highly relevant for many people in Yarra.

Briefly, Smart Blocks provides a collection of helpful tools that help you figure out which of your strata’s common areas are best to deal with first, and how. Its brought to you in a series of workshops that help you clarify commercial and technical context of the right changes, and gets down to practical steps to navigate your way to efficiency.

The Yarra event is on 2nd OctoberSmithSt.

Smart Blocks was developed in partnership between Strata Community Australia, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne, Owners Corporation Network of Australia and Green Strata, and has received funding from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program.